Faery Glen is the best school that helps kids to cope. I am grateful for Principal Candice, Teacher Lara and Kandi they are making it possible for our children to have a better future.
Thanks a lot

At a point where I felt "lost" not knowing what to do about my childs needs, you and your staff made it a hopeful journery. 
Thank you

Candice Middleton 
Thanks for being so patient and loving towards my little one. He absolutely loves being at school.

J.Naicker -
This school is our boys home away from home! He is cared for, nurtured, challenged, stretched and really loves his Faery Glen. Kind amazing souls teach him and we are so happy to be apart of his little paradise. Candice has done a phenomenal job since she has taken over - and we  cant think of a better place for our gorgeous boy.
Thank you for every effort and memory made.
The Croll Family. 
Faery Glen has become my son's second home. Filled with dedicated and caring staff to tend to his every need. He has learnt so much and keeps growing everyday. He has learnt so much and keeps growing everyday in this amazing enviroment. ​

Faery Glen is the warmest and most decent school that is around, with the best care and compasion for children. Thank you for your devoted care.

Thank you for offering our special children the opportunity to learn and grow in a loving enviroment which caters for their unique needs. 

Graeme and Carrey
Hannu loves going to school. Always welcomed with a smile. Faery Glen gives him the space to thrive.