Educational Curriculum

At Faery Glen the curriculum is individualized for each student in our program. Our goal for each student is to increase the skills set of each student so that they meet their own potential and to reduce behaviours that interfere with the acquisition of new skills as much as possible.
Using ABA methods and working with a students in low teacher- pupil ratio enviroment we thus provide the students oppertunites throughout the school day for them to be engaged in meaningful interactions and then  provide enthusiastic postive reinforcement for appropriate behavior.

What We Teach

Life Skills

*Verbal Behavior
*Self - Care
*Vocational Skills
*Domestic Skills
*Community Skills
*Gross Motor Skills
*Fine Motor Skills
*Self- Monitoring
We feel strongly that teaching in school must be generalized to the home and community in order for students to be successful in those enviroments. We strive to provide a variety of experiences for our students. 
In and out of the classroom we rehearse real world situations and work to instill everyday concepts.
Our staff and teachers blend academic lessons with life skills to strenghthen our students abilities to manage, navigate and enjoy family and social activities of daily living such as grocery shopping, getting dressed, making the bed,food preporation, setting the table and admistration tasks. Although this is practiced through out our age groups it is a huge focus in our youth section of the school.


Faery Glen is equipt with a therapy facility, we utilise this facility in our weekly program. We also offer optional ocupational therapy, speech therapy as well as pshysio therapy (at a seperate cost), these are currently offered by Hope Studios. We highly recommend the in house therapists but you welcome to use therapists of your choosing.