Admission and Fee's

Enrolment Process:
Should you wish to consider Faery Glen as an option for your child and would like to view our school please contact us for an appointment. Parents and child are free to attend as we have a relaxed informal approach in our school. All learners wanting to enroll at the school are required to bring with them any previous psycho-educational assessments, speech and language, and occupational therapy assessments. These assessments help staff identify the level at which your child is working. Learners may then be invited for one full week trial period at the school to ascertain whether Faery Glen is a suitable school. The school has a waiting list, which governs placement into classes. Applicants are organized from the date of registration. Kindly download our contract and info pack to see rules and fee's.
Faery Glen contract 2020
Faery Glen Calender 2020 
Info Pack and School Rules